Duluth Bankruptcy Attorney John Ernst and Dekalb Ethics

Attorney John Ernst

Today, Brookhaven lawyer and lifelong DeKalb resident John Ernst was appointed to the DeKalb County Board of Ethics. The Board serves to interpret the Code of Ethics adopted by the county, to apply sanctions to those in violation of the Code, and to issue issue advisory opinions defining appropriate behaviors according to community standards as reflected in that Code.

Ernst said in a statement that he was ready to take a more active role on the board in the wake DeKalb C.E.O. Burrell Ellis’ indictment for extortion and corruption.

“We are at a crossroads in DeKalb County when it comes to the public’s trust in their elected and appointed officials,” Ernst said. “My role on the Ethics Board will be to hold the DeKalb Commissioners, the C.E.O. and those that they appoint accountable. I see no job more important right now in DeKalb.”

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